Becoming the Ultimate Predator with FOXPro Abner Druckenmiller | Great American Outdoor Show

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Becoming the Ultimate Predator with FOXPro Abner Druckenmiller

12:30pm - 1:30pm on Feb 4, 2017, Saturday|Seminar Room #1|View Details|Add To Calendar

Becoming the Ultimate Predator with FOXPro Abner Druckenmiller

Abner Druckenmiller was born and raised in the mountains and forest of Central Pennsylvania. Childhood days were spent playing out great excursions to harvest trophy bucks, turkey or successful duck hunts with his brothers. As he aged his love and appreciation for the outdoors was inevitable. He would soon fall in love with the trickery and slyness of fooling his quarry by masterfully imitating their calls. His love for calling in turkeys, ducks and geese, predators and deer has given him many successful experiences while hunting.

Along the way, hunting would prove to teach ethics, character and values. Now, as a young man, these same character traits, values and ethics are part of the person and personality these times afield have forged. All this is enveloped in his deep understanding that what is enjoyed in the great outdoors is a privilege given to him by his God and Savior.

Abner is the marketing and video manager for FOXPRO Inc. and is also a Pro Staff member for FOXPRO Inc. He is currently one of the hosts for FOXPRO FURTAKERS TV show on The Outdoor Channel. Growing up in the east has blessed him with the ability to tackle the elusive predators found here. Come and learn his tricks and secrets to success of calling predators in the east.

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