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Tactical Carbine for Personal Defense

2:30pm - 3:30pm on Feb 12, 2017, Sunday|Seminar Room #2|View Details|Add To Calendar

Tactical Carbine for Personal Defense

While primarily designed around America’s Rifle, the AR-15, this educational workshop delivered by experienced U.S. Special Operations veterans will cover the practical knowledge needed to employ any tactical carbine for self defense and what you need to know to make good decisions when purchasing a rifle or accessories. 

We will help shooters realize the full potential of their rifle and give experienced professional advice on optical sights, slings, lights, ammunition, and many other accessories. With the never ending list of accessories available, it’s important to know the difference between what simply looks cool and what actually improves performance. 

This information along with a demonstration of tactical carbine marksmanship techniques will ensure every attendee leaves a more informed and better shooter.  There will also be an exciting preview of the 2 day NRA Tactical Carbine Courses being offered in 2017!


Gary Melton volunteered for military service in response to the terror attacks on 9/11 and spent most of his military career as a Green Beret with 1st Special Forces Group. Before going into Special Operations he served as a Sniper Team Leader during Operation Iraqi Freedom. While serving in the military, he participated in four combat deployments and multiple missions training foreign special operations military and law enforcement units in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Upon leaving active duty, he accepted a position as a Senior Special Tactics Instructor and Unit Chief with a federal law enforcement agency. During that time he continued another year of military service with 20th Special Forces Group as a military Instructor training and preparing soldiers wishing to attend Special Forces Assessment and Selection. 

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